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The digital fax solution for your company

ZeroFax Business

Is the fax an important communication medium for you?

But do you still want to take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation?

ZeroFax Business will help you deal with the digital transformation processes. You will be able to continue sending faxes without any interruptions and set about dealing with the change process concerning fax at an appropriate time and assume autonomous control.

How does ZeroFax Business work?
ZeroFax Business scope of service
    • Send PDF documents digitally to a fax number
    • Receive fax documents digitally as PDF documents
    • Send faxes via your e-mail client
    • Receive incoming fax documents as an e-mail
    • Provide incoming and outgoing fax documents with electronic signatures and time stamps
    • Send fax documents via traditional channels at the same time, where necessary
    • Track and log all fax transmissions
How ZeroFax-Business works

Switzerland is going All IP

Swisscom is modernising conventional landline telephony and is switching over to the trendsetting Internet Protocol.

From February 2018, the first connections were transferred to IP technology. Every customer in the modernised municipalities will be personally contacted by Swisscom and accompanied through the changeover.IP technology will provide business customers – from SMEs all the way up to large companies – with numerous opportunities to configure their communication and collaboration processes to be simpler, more efficient and more flexible.

The future speaks IP - What you should know

How reliable is fax transmission with IP?

Faxes and other modulated services in the voice transmission bandwidth do not have the same level of reliability in the IP environment. However, we are unable to comment on individual cases since various factors can significantly influence transmission quality, such as the type of device, device settings and type of device connection to the IP network at the transmitter and receiver. Documents may not be completely rendered or the transfer itself may break down entirely due to technological reasons. At international transfer level especially, you need to anticipate increasing difficulties.

As a business customer, what must I do?

If an analogue fax machine must be used, please note that Swisscom cannot guarantee that it will be possible to transmit faxes. The reasons for this are the variety of parameters of the IP network, which are network- and location-specific and could possible cause issues with fax transmission. This is why, for the transmission of business-critical data, we recommend switching to a new solution.

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ZeroFax Business supports you as a new hybrid fax service through the digital transformation process. ZeroFax Business requires no training thanks to the intuitive applications.

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